The idea of creating a web-zine which would support all genres of metal started in November 2004 by Arturo and Rosalinda. While attending a concert of a well known death metal act, and noticing the lack of attendance.   It was determined that it was due to the lack of promotion on behalf of the promoters and the venue. We took it upon ourselves to start making flyers for all the forthcoming shows as well as  to start contacting venues, booking agencies, labels and bands to offer free promotion, which was well received within the metal community.

After almost 9 years we are still active and still supporting the real scene. We will never claim to be the best or expect to have the support from everyone, but that’s just the way it is… We’ll be here, if you feel that you want to contribute in any way, feel free to contact us, there’s always room for any writers, artists, photographers. Write to us realmsofmetal[at]yahoo.com  :horns up:

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