Houston Metal Concert Calendar

Date Tickets Event Venue City
04/24/15KrokusThe Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
04/24/15Buy TicketsDug PinnickScout BarHouston, TX
04/24/15Drowning PoolBFE Rock ClubHouston, TX
04/25/15Buy TicketsHodWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
04/25/15Buy TicketsAssBlack BarbieHouston, TX
04/25/15Brand New MachineThe Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
04/29/15Scott Weiland and the WildaboutsWarehouse LiveHouston, TX
04/30/15Buy TicketsH.R. of Bad Brains All Star BandFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
05/01/15Buy TicketsKorpiklanniScout BarHouston, TX
05/01/15Buy TicketsBurn the BoatsRudyardsHouston, TX
05/02/15ZZ TopWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
05/02/15Buy TicketsRuines of AbaddonWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
05/02/15Buy TicketsThe AgonistScout BarHouston, TX
05/02/15Buy TicketsUFO/Montrose/Hagar TributesThe Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
05/02/15Buy TicketsJames Rivera's Sabbath Judas SabbathThe Concert Pub GalleriaHouston, TX
05/05/15Buy TicketsNightwishWarehouse LiveHouston, TX
05/08/15Buy TicketsPsychostickScout BarHouston, TX
05/08/15Prophets of AddictionAcadia Bar & GrillHouston, TX
05/09/15Welcome to Hell FestFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
05/09/15Buy TicketsWhore of BethlehemMango's CafeHouston, TX
05/09/15Buy TicketsTooloji - a tribute to ToolScout BarHouston, TX
05/13/15DokkenThe Pub FountainsStafford, TX
05/14/15Buy TicketsMaster : Decimate the States Tour 2015White Swan LiveHouston, TX
05/14/15Aborted, Fit for an AutopsyWalters [Downtown]Houston, TX
05/20/15Buy TicketsRushToyota CenterHouston, TX
05/21/15Buy TicketsQueensrycheHouse of BluesHouston, TX
05/22/15Randy Rhoads RememberedThe Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
05/23/15Buy TicketsSlashHouse of BluesHouston, TX
05/23/15Puddle of MudWarehouse LiveHouston, TX
05/23/15Lynch Mob18th St Pier Bar and GrillSan Leon, TX
05/26/15Buy TicketsUfomammutWalters [Downtown]Houston, TX
05/27/15HalestormBayou Music Center (FKA Verizon Wireless Theater)Houston, TX
05/28/15Volbeat, AnthraxBayou Music Center (FKA Verizon Wireless Theater)Houston, TX
05/28/15Weapons of Mosh DestructionFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
05/30/15Buy TicketsMetal ShopScout BarHouston, TX
05/31/15Buy TicketsGBH, The BusinessFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
06/04/15Buy TicketsMinistryWarehouse LiveHouston, TX
06/04/15Buy TicketsRobin TrowerHouse of BluesHouston, TX
06/05/15Rebel Flames of BlasphemyWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
06/06/15Buy TicketsCANCELED::::Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin ExperienceHouse of BluesHouston, TX
06/06/15Buy TicketsThe Noose - A Tribute to A Perfect CircleScout BarHouston, TX
06/07/15SepulturaBFE Rock ClubHouston, TX
06/07/15Buy TicketsIll Nino, KittieScout BarHouston, TX
06/19/15Buy TicketsSummer Chaos 30Mango's CafeHouston, TX
06/20/15Buy TicketsWhitesnakeHouse of BluesHouston, TX
06/20/15Buy TicketsKilla Maul19th Hole Bar & GrillThe Woodlands, TX
06/26/15Buy TicketsDestroying Texas Fest 11 Day 1Walters [Downtown]Houston, TX
06/27/15Buy TicketsDestroying Texas Fest 11 Day 2Walters [Downtown]Houston, TX
06/27/15Buy TicketsSummer Party with MasquedBFE Rock ClubHouston, TX
07/02/15Buy TicketsConnoisseurBlack BarbieHouston, TX
07/08/15Buy TicketsTormentor (Callifornia)Mango's CafeHouston, TX
07/14/15DanzigBayou Music Center (FKA Verizon Wireless Theater)Houston, TX
07/16/15Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn MansonNRG StadiumHouston, TX
07/17/15Between the Buried and MeWarehouse LiveHouston, TX
07/18/15Buy TicketsMAXIMA DISTORZION Rock and Metal Awards 2015The Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
07/22/15Kid RockWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
07/24/15Defeated SanityWalters [Downtown]Houston, TX
08/01/15Buy TicketsBlood FeastWalters [Downtown]Houston, TX
08/01/15Wheatley's Revenge BDAY Bash & BBQ IIWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
08/01/15Buy TicketsRockstar Energy Mayhem Fest: SLAYER, KING DIAMONDWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
08/01/15Buy TicketsStephen PearcyScout BarHouston, TX
08/08/15Michael SweetThe Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
08/08/15Def Leppard, Styx, TeslaWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
08/08/15GravehillMango's CafeHouston, TX
08/11/15DilanaThe Concert Pub NorthHouston, TX
08/15/15NekrocabraWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
08/18/15Weird Al YankovicBayou Music Center (FKA Verizon Wireless Theater)Houston, TX
08/19/15Incubus, DeftonesWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
08/22/15Def Leppard, Styx, TeslaWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
08/22/15Lynch Mob18th St Pier Bar and GrillSan Leon, TX
08/24/15Devastation On the Nation Tour: KrisiunScout BarHouston, TX
08/27/15Lost TribeWalters [Downtown]Houston, TX
08/29/15DeiphagoWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
09/04/15Buy TicketsSlipknot, Lamb of GodWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
09/05/15Motley CrueToyota CenterHouston, TX
09/10/15Negura BungetWhite Swan LiveHouston, TX
09/12/15MetalachiScout BarHouston, TX
09/19/15Tom Keifer, Bret MichaelsBayou Music Center (FKA Verizon Wireless Theater)Houston, TX
09/24/15Building Temples from Death Pre-FestFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
09/25/15Building Temples from Death FestFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
09/25/15Van HalenWoodlands PavilionWoodlands, TX
09/26/15Building Temples from Death FestFitzgerald'sHouston, TX
10/11/15Overkill & Symphony XWarehouse LiveHouston, TX
10/17/15Buy TicketsGrindfest 2015Acadia Bar & GrillHouston, TX
10/24/15Buy TicketsFates WarningScout BarHouston, TX
10/26/15Buy TicketsSanctuaryScout BarHouston, TX
11/02/15Buy TicketsProngScout BarHouston, TX

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